You Gotta Have SE7EN in your life~


Hello~ you can call me Ghada, da hardcore LuckySe7en. I'm also a 1Tymer and huge Lexy fan... um i better say a YG Stan that's all lol.

MY ULTIMATE BIASES SE7EN, 1TYM's BaekKyoung and LEXY. Obsessed with: Art, jellyfish, space and RDJ!!


Happy 8th Anniversary, my kings ♥

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Hyori for Allure ♥

myrillanne asked:
The one who said it tastes like gaining weight is BTS' Jin~

Oh is that him?! I still can’t recognize any member of BTS XD thank you my dear ♥️

luvindowney asked:
LOL, i really thought u r from Lebanon, coz everytime I find an RDJ fan in tumblr, they are from lebanon, so this is why i thought that at first ;)

Really?? I didn’t know that there’s some rdj fans in Lebanon (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

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You’ll never fade.fade to black.
You’ll never fade.
fade to black.

the cat and dog relationship of yg ent.

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cl seriously gets hotter with every mtbd performance like how

luvindowney asked:
Mar7aba Ghada, how are you? i hope you are fine. Are you from lebanon? just checking LOL, i am from UAE

Oh Mar7bteen! :) I’m good! Thanks dear, how are you? No I’m from KSA.. why Lebanon tho? XD

Nice to meet you anyways!


Maknae Line (+ G.O) fanboying over Se7en. 


anyone who says youngbae doesn’t look good with blonde hair is just lying to themselves